Slodkie Szalenstwo

I have to be honest; my package of Lumar got a little bashed around before I did the review. This happens sometimes and it could be for numerous reasons. Sometimes it’s the fault of the manufacturer, sometimes it’s the store where I bought them, sometimes it’s even my fault. Treats don't get to live on feather pillows in my house. They live in my cupboard next to my box of Raisin Bran, and sometimes things get shifted and they break. So, when I opened my bag of Lumar(s?) I was really surprised to see that not only had they not broken, but even if some of them did it was ok because they're individually packaged. Now, if you know me, you'll know I love opening things, and in this case, it was not only fun but it gave me a certain peace of mind.

The treat itself was great as well; much better than I expected. The peanuts on the outside were great, nice and fresh with a good crunch. The wafer in between outside coating and the center was light, fluffy and not too strong a flavour, but still nice. The cream in the middle was... well, creamy. I was expecting the cream in the centre to be a little more chocolatey, but it was still okay. Having said that, there was no indication on the package that it should be chocolatey, I just thought it looked like it should be.

No matter, these little treats are great; I'll easily get through the whole bag, and best of all they survived my cupboard and stayed in fairly good shape.