MacTavish's Butterscotch Candy


It's no secret that I love butterscotch. I love it on ice cream, I love it alone, I love it any place you want to put it... well, maybe not on a dirty road. Maybe my love of butterscotch is in my genes. I mean, with a name like Stewart, loving butterscotch should be just a given. Actually, come to think of it, is butterscotch Scottish? I’ve never actually looked up the origins of butterscotch before. Was it actually created there or do they just advertise it as that because it has the word "scotch" in it?

As far as butterscotch candies go, these butterscotch candies are really good. They're smooth and not too sticky, which is actually a problem with many butterscotch treats. I've eaten other brands of butterscotch candies and when they're a little sticky I'm tempted to bite into them because I think they're chewy, only to hurt my teeth. These, on the other hand are hard candies through and through.

The flavour is fine as well, smooth and creamy, just the way I like it. I know that butterscotch candies have a reputation for being an old person’s candy, but I think young kids are missing out. Sure, these aren’t exciting, but they’re really tasty. You’ll regret waiting until you’re an old man/woman to start eating them.

Suck Time: 8 min