Mallo Cup


There are three main elements to this chocolate marshmallow treat. The first two are pretty obvious, marshmallow and chocolate. The third is a bit more surprising, particularly because there’s no mention of it all on the package, and that’s coconut. I have to be honest, when it comes to these three elements, two of them are not really my favourite, coconut and marshmallow. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them all the time, I just find that many candy makers tend to over use these two ingredients in many treats. The interesting thing about these two ingredients is that I dislike them for the same reason. I find that too much coconut or too much marshmallow can make a treat sickly sweet. Now I know you’re probably surprised that someone who doesn’t mind Pixie Sticks can find anything too sweet, but these two ingredients often make me recoil a bit.

While I was prepared for the marshmallow, the coconut was a bit of a surprise. I’m not really sure why they went with such an odd combination. I saw on the top of the cups that there were small bumps, so I was prepared for a surprise ingredient, but I wasn’t expecting coconut. I was thinking peanuts maybe, and I think they would have worked much better. As I suspected these cups just felt a little too sickly sweet. I feel like something like peanuts would have cut the sweetness a bit and worked a whole lot better than coconut. Frankly I feel like a layer of peanut butter would have improved these a great deal as well. If it was half peanut butter and half marshmallow in a chocolate cup, I think Boyer would have a really great treat.

My guess is that my opinion doesn’t really hold much water as I believe these have been manufactured for longer than I’ve been alive. Eating these did make me think a little bit about who made the chocolate cup first, was it Reese's or Boyer? Who came first might change might give these a few points on creativity. It would also explain why Reese decided to try peanut butter instead of marshmallow, it just feels like the better choice.