M&M's "Mint Crisp"


Mint and chocolate in my mind are two great combinations. As long as the mint is just strong enough, but not too strong and the chocolate is a fairly good quality this combination can really be a winner. The mint in these was nice, a little weak but if given the choice I'd rather a little weak than way too strong. I wasn't left with a minty feel in my mouth after so that might give you some idea how strong these are. Had it gone the other way it might have felt more like a breath mint, but instead it felt like a touch of mint, and I guess that’s ok.

The cookie wasn't bad either. It's as if they took a popular M&M variation then added another variation on top of that. You might call these the double variation M&M’s. Making M&Ms crispy and minty is not the most creative idea in the world since many candy bar companies go this route, but at least it didn't leave me grossed out either. I do enjoy the crunch the cookie gives and I'm particularly happy that they decided to use the cookie variation instead of making minty peanut M&Ms. That would have been a little too out of the box, and probably wouldn’t work.

I guess what I'm saying is these aren't bad, but they don't really wow me at all. In fact, I feel pretty indifferent about them. I couldn't say that I don't recommend them, but I could probably suggest a few better snacks around. Pretty "ho-hum" if you ask me.