M&M's "Snack Mix Salty & Sweet"


This is the kind of snack that technically you could make yourself. All you need is a bag of M&Ms, some small pretzels, some salted almonds, tiny cookies, and a handful of salt. Now I could be wrong about the handful of salt, but it sure tasted like they just added a bunch of extra salt.

Of all of the ingredients in this treat, I could have done without the cookies. Alone they were kind of disgusting, little to no cookie flavour, and just a sickly sweet cookie covered in salt. Don't get me wrong, I like sweet and salt together, but there has to be some kind of balance for it to work. In the case of the cookies it didn't. When eaten with the other ingredients, the cookie was OK, but it just added more sweet to the M&M's, and that just wasn't necessary. It could have maybe worked if there was a butterier flavour to these cookies.

Back to the salt issue. While I understand that the point of this treat was to mix salty and sweet together, I felt that the salt was a little bit out of hand. In fact, I think that if you cut back on the salt and added a little more flavour to the cookies, they may have worked better. Most of all I think they should have focused on salting the pretzels, and put less salt on the almonds. The rock salt on the pretzels was almost non-existent, while the salt on the almonds was way too strong.

I guess what I'm saying is that as far as balancing the sweet with the savoury, this really doesn't work. Too much salt in some places and too much sweet in others. There should be other flavours that work in this combination as well, but they were lost completely. The idea of using M&M's with salty snacks is a great one; it just needs a good balance of flavour.