Honey Sips


What a brilliant idea, flavored honey. You don’t really find flavoured honey around that much. You’d think with so many flavoured spreads all over the world, flavoured honey would be much more popular. You could go with subtle flavours, or you could just stick with subtle flavours. You could go with flavours that naturally go with honey, or you could go crazy, why not a cola flavoured honey. It’s an idea that really should work, and should be everywhere.

While the idea of flavoured honey sound really good these Honey Sip straws were pretty gross. They tasted like cheap soda pop syrup, the idea that there was any honey in them was totally lost. I was lucky enough to try the cherry, grape and root beer flavors, and not one of them was any good at all. While I like sweet treats, the idea of drinking the syrup you make soft drinks with on its own does not appeal to me.

A while ago I tried the regular flavoured Honey Sips (they were just honey flavoured) and they were okay, but with the addition of flavours, they are nasty. If you see these at your local candy store do one of two things, run away or buy them all and save someone else the tragedy of tasting these vile treats.