Marshmallow Cones

Original Foods

I have to admit; I had an ulterior motive when I bought this candy. I was lurking around a dollar store looking for strange treats, something I do very often, when I came across these Marshmallow Cones. When I saw them, I thought that these would be a great example of the cheap and crappy candy one often finds at dollar stores. While you can find some high quality name brand treats at dollar stores, most often you have to dig through candy that you're not too sure about. The thing about dollar stores is sometimes when you're digging through the cheap stuff you come across a gem. On this rare occasion I not only found a gem, but it was disguised as the cheap stuff.

Right off the bat I should mention that I don't really like marshmallow. I don't totally hate them, I believe that marshmallow makes for a great ingredient in lots of treats, from rocky roads to s'mores. The problem I often have with marshmallow treats is when they're the prime, or only ingredient. I just don't like the texture most of the time, and I find that the flavour is often weak at best. The only exception I've come across is a few gourmet handmade marshmallows. These are often much more flavourful and the texture is light and not too spongy.

With the first word on the package being “marshmallow” and the fact that I bought it at a dollar store, you can imagine that this treat had absolutely everything going against it. The thing is, I kind of liked these Marshmallow Cones. I've had several marshmallow cone treats, from hand made marshmallow cones in Vienna, to cheap Halloween cones, and theses just might be my favorite. The marshmallow in these cones was really dense, almost more of a light whipped nougat than a marshmallow. While the tops of these don't look pretty, the texture of the glitter like topping was really great as well.

The only faults where really with the crunchy cones, which were really stale and flavourless. The flavour of the glitter and marshmallow could have used some kind of boost too, like a sour fruity flavour, and that would have made this into a treat I not only didn't hate, but maybe I'd buy again.

These aren't perfect, but for an inexpensive marshmallow cone treat they're remarkably good.