Marshmallow Lokum


There are two flavours I never would have thought of putting together in this treat, marshmallows and nuts. We most often associate marshmallow with chocolate or cookies, but rarely do we find it paired with savoury or salty treats. The only exception is that sometimes you find marshmallows with chocolate and nuts together, but it’s very rare to find it alone with nuts. In this case the marshmallow is paired with pistachio and what appears to be some kind of brown coconut type coating. There may be cocoa in the coating as well, but I don't think one could call it chocolate because it doesn't seem sweet at all.

The marshmallow itself is pretty good, considering I'm not a huge marshmallow fan that's saying a lot. It's chewy, and sticks to your teeth in a nice way. The marshmallow is sweet, but not really flavourful which works with the slightly savoury flavour of the nuts and cocoa. I think the only thing that might improve these would be a little bit of salt. I've experimented with salt and sweet marshmallow applications in the past, and it's worked really well, so I can't see why it wouldn't work with this.

My only complaint about this "lokum" is that I'm not certain that it is a lokum. The lady at the store where I bought it in Turkish Cyprus assured me that it was. However, most lokum (or Turkish delight) is made of a jelly rather than a marshmallow. I'm wondering if this is just an attempt to sell something more palatable to tourist, or if this is a real lokum.