Dairy Milk Marvellous Creat!ons "Jelly, Popping Candy & Beanies"


The promise of this bar is to take the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk and toss in a whole bunch of crazy ingredients. In this case the crazy ingredients are jelly (gummies), popping candy (pop rocks), and beanies (you might think jelly beans but in fact it's more of an M&M or Smartie). Each of these ingredients contributes differently and to a different degree in this bar.

When you bite into this bar, the two most obvious ingredients are the popping candy and the jelly. The popping candy is very consistent throughout the entire bar, giving you a nice popping sensation all over your mouth and into the back of your throat. The jellies are far more scattered throughout this bar, in some bites I would have two or three jellies and others none. Both of these ingredients, although strange, made the smooth chocolate fun.

The beanies on the other hand contributed almost nothing to this bar. In fact, it took me half the bar to find one, and I only managed that because one of them was sticking out when I bite a square off. When you put beanies (M&Ms or Smarties) in a chocolate bar it rarely works out, why? Because these candies are filled with chocolate, and the candy coating on the outside is too thin to make a difference when surrounded by a giant chocolate bar.

The best thing about this bar was the fact that I really never knew what I was going to get from the first bite to the last. The disappointment came from the beanies and how they really didn't add anything to a really creative bar. If an ingredient is not going to improve a bar then leave it out.