Marzipan Classic

Niederegger Lubeck

I should start off this review to re-iterate that marzipan is not one of my favourite sweet treats in the world. I say this not because I plan to knock this treat down, and by mentioning this in advance it might soften the blow. I mention it because I want to tell you how rare it is that I have a marzipan treat that I don't actually hate. Marzipan is a fine addition to some treats, it adds a nice flavour and can work really well with certain flavours. Marzipan has the problem of easily overpowering a flavour and taking over a whole treat as well. The trick is to find a balance and somehow make the marzipan work with the chocolate and not against it.

This bar manages to control the marzipan and turn it into a delightful texture and flavour that work really well in combination with the "bitter sweet chocolate". The trick is in the thickness of the chocolate surrounding the marzipan. The chocolate seems almost too thick for this treat at first bite, but after the flavours combine in your mouth you quickly realize that this thick chocolate is just the perfect balance for the strong marzipan flavour. It's not a simple feat to balance these two flavours together, but this bar actually pulls it off very well.

I should also point out that the chocolate itself is very nice as well. It's a strong flavoured dark chocolate that can really hold up against the strong flavour of the marzipan. If the chocolate was a lesser quality, I don't think this bar would have worked, even with the balance of flavours.