Mega Magnum "Strawberry"


You won't often hear me say this, but sometimes you truly can have too much creativity in one treat. I think the problem isn't the quality of the ideas in this Mega Magnum Strawberry cone; it's more to do with the way these ideas interact. Let me take you on a guided tour of the strange "creative" things I found in this ice cream treat. First of all, there are two kinds of balls on the top of this cone. There are many small balls encircling one large ball. They are all resting in strawberry ice cream.

The small balls are actually OK, and they probably could have stopped there. They're little crunchy balls of wafer that have very little flavour but a nice texture. The big ball in the middle is a completely different story; this large ball is white chocolate covering a hazel nut. Normally I might be OK with this, however with the strong, and fake flavour of strawberry ice cream it just didn't work at all.

Speaking of ice cream, normally I like strawberry ice cream, but for some reason this stuff didn't work for me at all. I think it was missing any kind of real strawberry flavour. Back to the "creative" surprises. After making my way down to the cone, I realised that the cone had in fact been coated with chocolate. Normally I'd be fine with this, however the coating was really thin, and the fake strawberry flavour overpowered it completely. I later discovered that most of the chocolate appears to have sunk to the bottom, as my cone was full of chocolate for about the last 3/4 of an inch.

The chocolate wasn't even the last of the surprises, about halfway through the treat I came across what I first thought was a real strawberry. Quickly I realised however that this was not the case. Instead it was a ball of sorbet that I think was put there to represent a strawberry. It too wasn't the greatest quality and pretty much just confused me rather than adding to the treat.