Mentos "Choco & Caramel"


To call these Mentos isn’t really fair, they’re really only Mentos in shape and name alone. When I think of Mentos, I think of a hard shelled candy that’s chewy in the middle. I also associate Mentos with mint, although there may be a few Mentos flavours that aren’t minty. These on the other hand are a soft caramel shell filled with a chewy chocolate center, and there’s no mint to be found at all. They could have maybe given these a slightly hard shell, or even a slightly minty flavour, but it might have been better that they didn’t. I say this because as they are, they’re pretty good.

I wouldn’t call this a revolutionary new candy invention, as caramel and chocolate are a classic old school flavour combination, but what they did worked well enough. I like the fact that these are divided into several small portions, as most caramel chocolate treats are a bit larger and not as easy to carry around. I have to admit that I’ve been snacking on these all week, and it’s been nice to be able to just pop a little taste of chocolate and caramel into my mouth whenever I had the need. In some ways I would call this the most informal chocolate and caramel treat on the market.

The downside of the casual nature of this treat is that the chocolate and caramel aren’t of the highest quality. It’s not that bad, but it’s not going to blow you away either. I’m guessing that if you made these with higher quality ingredients they’d likely melt in your pocket, and thus lose their casual, easy to eat design. While I wouldn’t rave about these, I will say that if you’re a caramel chocolate fan, and you need a fix on the road, this might work perfectly for you.