Mentos "Fruit Fusions"


The way that they designed these Metos makes it only possible to enjoy the flavours if you eat them a very particular way. I've never been clear about the proper way to eat Mentos in the past, I wasn't sure if they were a candy you're supposed to suck or a candy you're supposed to chew. They have a soft-ish center, but they're kind of like a hard candy too. Maybe, with the help of these Mentos “Fruit Fusions” we can get to the bottom of this mystery.

It took me several tries to be able to figure out these Mentos, and I'll explain why. Each Mentos has two flavours, peach/orange, strawberry/banana, and passion fruit(?)/mango. They are not a combination of these two flavours throughout, one of the flavours is mainly in the outer shell, and the other is in the chewy center. I didn't realise this at first, and my instinct is to chew Mentos, so the flavour of the outer shell was really weak, and I was being overwhelmed with the chewy center flavour. After eating a few of these Mentos, and being fairly disappointed, I decided that I would attempt to suck on one to see if the flavour worked a little better.

As with most Mentos, the first flavour you get from the outer shell is weak, almost non-existent. But after a few seconds of sucking I started to taste the companion flavour to the inner chewy center. As I sucked on the candy I also found that the center chewy bit started to get softer as well. After a few minutes of sucking I felt a need to bite down. The chewy center was very soft, and the new flavour of the center started to slowly creep into my pallet.. It was a fairly pleasant experience, much better than just crunching.

The flavours themselves are fairly good, if you don't mind fake fruit flavours.The flavour of the chewy center still dominates, but it's introduced by a really nice subtle second flavour. I also don't mind the choices Perfitti made in the combinations. In general these are a nice twist on Mentos, and I think it's something they should pursue in the future with new flavours.