Metsovo Nougat


The expression "one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch" doesn't really work for me. I've found many a rotten apple in my fruit bowl that has leached its gross mould and bruisyness to the other fruits. The same thing goes when you're eating a treat like this nougat, one bad detail can sometimes ruin the snack. In this case the one bad ingredient is the almonds. All of the almonds aren't bad, but some of the almonds in this particular bar where a little on the rancid side. My first bite happened to be right into one of these rancid nuts.

The flavour I got out of this snack was pretty much lost to the rancid taste, and that's really too bad. It's too bad because being the professional that I am I took a few more bites, and as I got past the bad nut I was pleasantly filled with a nice subtle sweet flavour.

The texture was also fantastic. It was light and airy, but not so light as to resemble a marshmallow. It had just enough stick to be fun to pull at, but not so much that I found myself pulling out teeth. The nuts may have ruined the flavour in some cases, but the texture it added was great. The wafer on the side was relatively useless texture wise, but it did give me something to grip onto without my fingers getting sticky.

I did hit a few more rancid nuts before finishing this treat, and that's too bad. The flavour and texture of the nougat when it was normal was good enough to keep me biting through those awful rancid almonds.