Mike and Ike "Berry Blast"

Just Born

Whenever a candy company starts to produce different varieties of their popular treats, I get worried. I get worried because these varieties can be the place where these candy companies get lazy and start to produce "new" candies that aren't really creative or even that new. This sentiment is how I feel about this particular variety of Mike and Ikes. Don't get me wrong they tasted fine. I'm convinced that someone told the flavour developers at Just Born to come up with 10 new varieties of Mike and Ikes, and this one was a last minute choice to fill up the list.

It's a pretty safe bet that mixing different flavours of berries will work for a treat like Mike and Ikes. I love real mixed berries, and so do many people, so it's a simple plan to design a bag of Mike and Ikes that fit into this category. I noticed the laziness when it came to the variety of flavours. Wild berry (two colours of raspberry), blue raspberry (found also in the wild berry), strawberry, blueberry, peach berry (confusing and contains blueberry). See what I mean, it seems a little slapped together.

The creativity of this treat doesn't really impress me, and that's a little disappointing because I've seen some great things come out of Just Born. However disappointing the flavour selections were, the taste was OK. Many of the different berries where fairly similar, but “that” berry taste was fine. All of the flavours where so similar that I wasn't 100 percent sure exactly which flavour was which colour either.

It's a fine treat, it's nothing revolutionary, but it's a fine treat.