Mike and Ike "Red Rageous!"

Just Born

In the past I've asked the question "what flavour is red?" It seems to be a popular trend with candy companies to make red themed treats, I'm assuming because most people's favorite flavours tend to be the red ones. The good thing about Mike and Ike's Red Rageous is they don't just tell you that it's red flavoured, instead they give you a list of the many red flavours that are in your package of Mike and Ikes. Your options are strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, fruit punch, and cherry.

For the most part I really enjoyed each of the flavours, with the possible exception of watermelon. Having said that as far as watermelon flavours go, this one wasn't as bad as most (as you may or may not know, I don't really like fake watermelon flavours). The other flavours are pretty standard, but that's good, because standard cherry, raspberry, strawberry, and fruit punch are often some of my favorite flavours.

I did see one strange thing about these, and that's the fruit punch flavour. According to the box, the fruit punch flavour is a combination of cherry, strawberry, and raspberry. This is a little odd since three of the other flavours available in this are strawberry, cherry and raspberry. You would think that if you wanted to have fruit punch you could simply eat those three flavours together and make your own fruit punch. I also often associate fruit punch with tropical flavours, but I guess I could be wrong.

My only true complaint about these is the colouring. I found it very difficult to distinguish between many of the flavours. The cherry seems to stick out fairly well, but after that you pretty much get a mish-mash of pinks. The only way I could really tell them apart is by their flavours.