Mike and Ike "Tangy Twister"

Just Born

I'd be lying if I said that the world didn't need more sour candies. I love sour candies, and I think the world can always use more of them. I like extreme sour candies, and I like mildly tart candies. Sour of any kind really works for me, and it's one of my favourite varieties of candy treat. The thing is, you need more than just a sour taste to pull off a great sour candy. You need the sour to be balanced with something else. If you don't have balance, then you at the very least have to have some kind of novelty.

While these Mike and Ikes Tangy Twisters are very sour, they lack the something else. They do have a mild fruit flavour, but when combined with the extreme sour flavour it's pretty much lost. By the time I ate my third Mike and Ike out of this bag, the fruit flavour was secondary on my taste buds and barely noticeable at all. The big giveaway that I knew that this candy wasn’t properly balanced is when I ate one of the green apple candies. Normally I'm not a fan of apple candies, but since the flavour was so mild and the sour so strong, I didn't mind it too much at all.

Mike and Ike have made a name for themselves producing really strong fruit flavoured chewy treats. I think their formula works; I generally enjoy most of the flavours they've produced. This candy is not a disappointing candy, but it is a disappointing flavour of Mike and Ikes.