Milkita "Strawberry"


I seem to have fallen into a trap. I've often been told that many of the "candies" that I review on Candy Critic are not actually candy. This most often happens when I write a review of potato chips or some kind of other salty snack. There are even some purists who say that things like chocolate aren't really candy either. These extreme candy purists say that the only thing that you can call candy is what I generally call hard candy. I don't really agree with the purists in this debate (I do kind of see the point from those that complain that chips are not candy).

This leads to this "candy". The words "milk candy" are printed on the package underneath the cow. I assumed that these milk candies would be hard creamy candies with a strawberry flavour. These Milkita are creamy, and they do have a nice subtle strawberry flavour, however they are not a hard candy at all. These Milkita candies are actually chewy candies, sort of taffy like. For the first few minutes that I was taste testing this candy, I did not chew it at all, I sucked on it. It wasn't until I gave it a little test nibble that I figured out that this is in fact I soft chewy candy.

I then proceeded to chew this candy and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice and soft it was. The texture isn't too sticky, and doesn't take much to chew through it. My only complaint about this candy is the strawberry flavour, it's a little too subtle for me. While I'm happy the strawberry isn't overpowering, it isn't strong enough. There needs to be a better balance of flavour between the milk and the strawberry flavours.