Milk Shakes "Vanilla"


Chewy and milky, to be honest that’s exactly what I expected when I bit in to this treat. It tastes like a vanilla milk shake, but it’s chewy instead of runny. This is a strange texture to flavour combination for me. For some reason certain flavours seem a little strange with certain textures, and milk shake in chewy form just has a strange feeling for me. Even though the texture turned me off a bit I guess this treat was really nothing of a surprise; it delivered what it said it would.

The other problem is that these Milk Shakes didn’t really do anything to blow me away either. I guess the hook is that it tastes like a vanilla milk shake rather than just vanilla. I guess I just feel like I needed something to justify the weird texture with the flavour. Maybe a liquid center, or some kind of secondary flavour or texture might have helped.

If you want something that might be a little more interesting but similar to these, I recommend the White Rabbits chews from China, they’ve got something to talk about. While they’re just milky chews, they also have a secondary flavour that’s interesting, and they come wrapped in an edible rice paper.

All in all though I can’t complain; the Milk Shake chews are not bad, they’re just not that impressive.