The good thing about the idea of this treat is it really focuses on the thing that made this company famous. Fujiya is a Japanese company that is very well known for producing dairy products. I also like the fact that the name pretty much says what you're about to taste, milk. The name is simple and to the point, and sometimes that's just what the Candy Critic ordered. The little girl on the bag also tells you that it's probably tasty too, although I've learned that following what the package says can be disastrous, and even cute little characters can lead to some scary candy.

As soon as you bite into this treat, you're not just filled with a smooth milky flavour from a soft chew. You also get is a smooth milky flavour from a soft chew followed by some kind of really dense hard to chew centre. I'm not sure if I like this harder center that much either, it really makes this candy into a chewing nightmare. I guess it keeps it in your mouth a little longer and allows the great flavour to linger, but it's really tough to work through and really hurts the jaw.

I’m not sure why Fujiya added this strange hard center to their chews. Without this center they’re pretty good, with it they’re a little hard to get through. Try them out if you want, but don't bite down too hard, chew with caution.