Les Mini-Sachets


I thought of many ways of reviewing these gummies since there are more than one variety available in this variety pack. The idea of separating it into several reviews came up, as did the idea of just eating them and watching a monster truck rally. But low and behold I've decided to just write a little bit about each type of gummy available. Before I get into this too much, I also want to mention that I really like the drawings on the package.

Les Dinozors: Different flavours, different dinosaurs, attention to detail is something I regard highly in candy and that kind of thing makes these extra yummy and fun. I'm not a big fan of the gummy with the white marshmallow stuff on the bottom (that what these are), but they're still pretty good.

Les Zaro' Fraises: Icky poo. Well maybe not poo, but kind of icky. These are little marshmallow strawberries covered in sugar, a treat that I've tried in the past and have a bit of a love hate thing going. These ones at least taste ok, although not at all like strawberries (that's what Fraises are).

Les Frites: These are about as basic a gummy as you get in this package. They're just little sticks all full of gummy good times. The strange thing is they're covered with what I thought was sour stuff, but I think its just sugar and the gummy itself is creating the sour flavour. The cool thing about these is each flavour is really unique and tasty too.

Les P'tits Fantomes: The strange thing about these snacks isn't they're odd shape (little chubby men). It isn't the fact that they're texture is a little chewy. What makes them strange is that they come in two colours and I received two bags, each bag was a different colour, or so I thought. As it turns out there was one blue man in the pink bag and one pink man in the blue bag. I don't know why but that really disturbed me.