September 2023





Mint Stang


If I was to use one word to describe this candy, I would call it “brave”. Notice that I didn’t use the words delicious, tasty or yummy. I personally wouldn’t say that this long stick is disgusting, but I would likely describe the flavour choices as polarizing. What the folks at Toms seemed to have done is create a treat where the two main flavours are two flavours that many people claim to hate, mint and licorice. I’m not sure if this is a cultural preference somewhere, or if the people at Toms are challenging us.

It could be that they figured two negatives make a positive, or it could be some kind of crazy dare. The flavour you should probably fear most if you fear either mint or licorice is mint. It’s by far and away the most dominant flavour of the two in this treat. This was good news for me since I’m not much of a mint hater. In fact there are several mint based treats that I really enjoy. The licorice on the other hand is something that I’m building a tolerance for, but I wouldn’t say I love just yet. In this case there was always a hint of licorice in the background, but it isn’t till a few minutes after finishing that you really get a strong sense of it.

The folks at Toms make several of these licorice (and other flavours but mostly licorice) sticks, some looked pretty tasty, others where very licorice forward. I picked this particular one because I was very intrigued about how these two flavours would blend together. In this case the mint dominates and the licorice is a subtle aftertaste. I guess I could complain that they really didn’t balance the flavours very well, but I’m frankly just happy that the mint was stronger than the licorice flavour.