This is what I call a “Grandmother Candy”. Why would I call these a grandmother candy? Well it's simple, it's exactly the type of candy my grandmother would give me when I would visit her at her house. I'm not saying this is a bad candy by any means, in fact I have nothing but fond memories of the candy my grandmother would give me. The nice thing about a Grandmother Candy is it tends to give me warm memories and in my mind that's a great thing for a candy to do. So even before I tell you about the candy itself, you have to know that I’m feeling a warm and nostalgic about them.

As a candy itself, objectively, I would have to say it's simple. Which is another great feature about it, and any Grandmother Candy. There’s nothing about this candy that’s designed to shock you, or change the way you think about minty flavoured chewy candy. You get what you expect, and sometimes that’s a good thing. That’s also probably why my grandmother liked this kind of candy, it was simple, familiar, and there were no surprises.

If I had one complaint, it would have to be the texture they did seem a little hard at first. They did eventually give and I could chew them, but it was a challenge. This didn’t ruin the candy, but enough of them would probably do some damage to my jaw. Having said that, this is a great treat for those young and old, as long as you don't expect anything except a simple pleasure.