Mix Flavor Candy

Product of Cambodia

While this candy might appear to be very simple, it's actually very complicated. Unfortunately the flavour or texture of the candy is not complicated instead, this candy is  complicated because of the package. The part of this candy that's just fine, and I have no problems with is the texture. Sure they're a little bit chewy, but it's a fun challenging chew that was pretty fun to eat. I'm sure after eating more than five or six of them your jaw might be a little sore, but that's not a really big deal. I’ll talk more about the flavour later.

For now I’ll talk about where this candy gets complicated, and that is in the package, and how it relates to the flavours. There are six different fruits/flavours represented on the package, durian, guava(?), pandam, coconut, mango, and coffee. Also pictured on the package are four different colours of candy, yellow, white, green and brown. Where this gets complicated is that inside the package there are five different colours of candy, brown, green, orange, dark yellow and light yellow. There are also no hints as to what the flavours might be on the package either, the only thing is says in this regard is “mixed fresh fruit” (seeing as coffee and maybe coconut are not fruits this is extra complicated). So basically I had only a few guesses as to what flavour each one of these candies might be. After eating them, I had a bit of a better idea, but the package was still very confusing.

The brown candy – coffee – It's a nice creamy coffee flavour, one perfect for people like me who don't really love coffee flavoured treats.

The green candy – coconut (maybe pandam too) – I don't know what pandam tastes like, but I only assume it's in this candy because the coconut flavour was a little weird.

The orange candy – mango – The best of all these candies, unfortunately it's the one that I had the fewest, only three of them.

The yellow candy – durian – It has a very authentic durian flavour, I was not really too happy about that.

The dark yellow candy – vanilla(?) - I can't really put it in any other category, and this is extra confusing since there's no indication that there should be anything vanilla flavoured in this bag of candies at all.

This is not an easy bag of candy to figure out, sure it's just a bunch of flavoured chewy taffy, but there's something very random about what's going on with the flavours.