Mondlur Klassik


I actually kind of like this licorice candy, and it’s taught me a new way to look at licorice. I think this candy has much more of a molasses flavour than a licorice, but I'm not so sure. It made me realize that I'd never thought about how much these two flavours (molasses and licorice) really cross over flavour wise. A strong molasses is slightly astringent just like licorice. The difference being that most molasses is also a little bit sweeter than most licorice is. When you candy coat, or add chocolate to a licorice, it becomes sweet and therefore more molasses like. So, because of the candy shell, these licorice candies really started to take on a molasses flavour. This licorice was also really chewy, similar to many molasses candies I’ve eaten in the past. So, at first, I thought this was a fairly tasty way to enjoy licorice, and a way to frame it in a way that made it a little tastier for me.

I won’t go so far as to say that these have changed me on my licorice opinion, they’re not perfect. However, the way the flavour has been presented to me has changed the way I see licorice. With the right accompaniment the flavour of licorice can really change. With chocolate I feel like it has almost a coffee flavour, with sugar coating it seems to lean towards molasses. I’ve always thought about licorice in very particular terms, but with a high-quality licorice, and the right balance of other ingredients it can be a really different candy.

The problem for me, when it comes to these, is that after eating a few of these candies the licorice flavour really dominates. Instead of the balanced flavour I had with the first bite, I’m left with a really strong licorice after taste, and I don’t like it. This was an education for me, and I liked eating it, I just don’t think I have to eat any more at this point.