Moshi Monsters

Mind Candy

I thought it would be best that I investigate this treat before I started this review. I had a hunch that a "Moshi Monster" was more than just a gummy candy, I figured there had to be more to these cute creatures. I did a web search and was pleasantly surprised to find lots of sites, including the Moshi Monsters official site. After a few minutes of investigation, I learned that there is in fact more to these Moshi Monsters than this packet of gummies, however I'm still not really sure what these things are. Are they toys, are they virtual pets you can adopt on the internet, are they real genetically modified monsters that come to your home and creep you out in the most loving way possible?

I may never get to answer those questions; however, I can tell you about these Moshi Monster themed gummies. First of all, it's not really a simple bag of gummy treats. In each bag you get a variety of gummy styles, you get your classic, transparent, chewy gummy, your super soft, opaque, gummy/marshmallow, and you get combination regular gummy and gummy/marshmallow stuff. I have to be honest I'm not a big fan of the fluffy gummy/marshmallow stuff. I find it just doesn't have a texture I can bite into comfortably. The regular gummies in this bag are good. The range of colours, and flavours is really good. In particular I'm a big fan of the cola flavour, it was both a surprise (because most of these gummies are fruity) and it was really tasty too.

The shapes are a little unfamiliar, but that's probably because I don't really know much about these Moshi Monsters. They range from ultra cute (I found a monster with an ice cream head; it was so adorable) to the unrecognizable (I couldn't even find a face on one of my Moshi Monster gummies). I guess if you're a fan of these creatures you'll get a kick out of these, you also won't be disappointed with the flavours. Although I understand why they had all three kinds of gummy, I was disappointed with the ultra soft marshmallow texture, I'd preferred if they where just all standard gummies.