Mountain Taffy

Pennsylvania Dutch Candies

Boy the Amish certainly know how to make their taffy and package it well too. I think the international distribution is exceptional considering they don't use electricity. If the Dutch Amish did not actually make this treat, then it raises even more questions. Do the Dutch Amish actually make taffy, is it something they’re famous for? Do they make it in this tri-colour pattern, is it flat. While this format of taffy is pretty common in the candy world, I’m not sure it’s really well known that the Amish make it. I guess this means I have to plan a trip to Amish country and investigate for myself.

Fresh taffy is really something every person that has taken the time to read this page should try. This stuff is, although tasty, a little different than most fresh taffies. The color is a little bit more vibrant and the taste is super fruity (again, is this an Amish thing?). For the most part, normal hand made taffy tends to have a subtle flavour. This treat doesn't know the meaning of the word subtle. The fruity flavour pretty much blows your socks off.

Even though the flavour is very different than many other hand made taffies I’ve tried, and I didn’t really understand the Amish connection, this Mountain Taffy wasn't that bad, in fact it's pretty good. I thought I would only make it through part of this thin strip of taffy, but in fact, I could have eaten more.