Mr. Triple


I have to admit; I bought this ice cream for the name. It's not only triple, but formal as well. I thought that maybe it would have been a fancy ice cream treat with a formal name like “Mr”, but unfortunately it wasn't. That’s not to say it was a disappointment. The concept for this treat is both unique and classic at the same time. It's unique because I don't think anybody else is using a strawberry jam filling in their ice cream. Most strawberry ice cream treats just use strawberry ice cream. It's a classic because mixing chocolate, vanilla and strawberry together is a classic combination, that you know is likely going to work.

This ice cream did work indeed, well half way at least. The first 4 or 5 bites of this ice cream treat were pretty good. A nice blend of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I would say that strawberry was probably the dominant flavour at this point, but since it was a unique tasty jam filling, I didn't mind at all. The problem came when I got to the halfway point of this ice cream treat, and that's because the strawberry filling stopped. It turned into a very weak strawberry ice cream, and when I got to the stick it was just vanilla ice cream. Any chef will tell you that the beginning and end of any food is the most important part, and while this ice cream bar shone at the beginning, it whimpered out at the end.

The other problem, although slight, were the peanuts mixed into the chocolate coating. They were pretty sparse, and very tasteless. They really didn't add anything to this treat at all, and should have either been increased in size, flavour and quantity, or just done away with entirely. I don’t think I would have missed them, but maybe they would have added something special.