Candy Yuzu & Kinkan


I'm not really sure what Yuzu or Kinkan might be, but it's the only thing on this package in English writing. I'll just assume that this is both the name of the candy and the flavour. I'm sure someone will correct me, but by then this will be posted and it'll be too late. I expect that you'll see and update at the bottom of the review sometime soon, maybe even now, with the proper name of this candy and a better description of the flavour. However for now I'll just have to go on my instinct.

The name I can't figure it out, but the flavour seems to be some kind of citrus or sour mango flavour. If I was a betting man, I would say that these are some kind of orange flavour. If they are, bravo to them, they've created a pretty tasty orange flavoured candy. Best of all is that they didn't try and make it a sickly sweet orange flavour, instead they really let the bitter/sour flavour of the orange come through. This candy has an extremely sour flavour to it, but it just stops short of being too sour to handle. Unless you're super sensitive to sour you'll probably enjoy these quite a bit.

Texture and size they're pretty average for a hard candy. I say this with a great deal of reverence. Although hard candy may seem like a simple thing to make, I've tasted some that are awkwardly small or awkwardly large, and some that are so brittle that they fall apart instantly. This candy is hard enough that you're not really tempted to bite into it, and it is a size that is perfect for swishing around in your mouth comfortably.

If this is an orange candy, I would say it's a successful orange candy, if it's any other flavour I don’t think I can say that it’s as successful.

Suck Time: 10 minutes