DIY My Burger


This might have been the hardest I've ever worked for a candy review. Logistically this toy/candy is not something that I felt was worth the results, at least in the way it looks. You can pretty much see by the package that it doesn't really look like a hamburger, but in real life it's even worse. Worst of all is making this thing that doesn't really look like a hamburger has a few too many steps. The hardest step is preparing the three wafers that will make up the bun and the meat of this candy burger. You'd think they would just give you a stack of round wafers to do this, but then you'd think wrong. Instead they give a few square wafers and a round plastic cookie cutter. I don't know if you've ever tried to cut a wafer with a plastic cookie cutter before, but the edges do not come out very straight.

The next problem is with the chocolate sauce. It was pretty solid in the tube that it came with. Fortunately, this is something I noticed right off the bat, so I massaged it a little and eventually it softened up and was fairly easy to squeeze out of the tube. The final problem ingredient is the white bits you're supposed to sprinkle on the top. They didn't have anything to stick them to the wafer, so after pouring them on, they basically just fell right off. I had to eat the last burger in one bite so I could keep all of the sprinkles on.

After a few minutes and a bit of a mess, I did eventually get two burgers together. Taste wise they were surprisingly good. One of my burgers, the first, most of the white sprinkles fell off the top, and frankly that was the best burger. The sprinkles have a random soapy fruit flavour that overpowers everything else, and doesn't improve the flavour at all. The chocolate and strawberry sauce is pretty tasty, and the wafers deliver this flavour fairly well. I wouldn't say that this isn’t a magnificent treat, particularly if you don’t add the sprinkles, but it was a lot better than I thought it would be.

It was a lot of work, and didn't really look like a hamburger, but at least it tasted OK.