March 2023








Nabati "Pink Lava"


When I bought these wafer cookies, I had several options about what flavour I could get. Most of the flavours were simple, like chocolate and vanilla. A few of the flavours were a little more exotic, like green tea. This flavour, Pink Lava, was downright baffling. The package does not give you any indication about what flavour Pink Lava might be. The only clue is that there’s a pink ice cream cone on the package, which actually brings up more questions than answers. Most notably, why would lava be frozen.

Once you open the package, the mystery isn’t really solved either. The only thing I can assure you is that the word “pink” is very appropriate. I can’t say that I’ve ever eaten a brighter, more intense pink cookie in my life. In fact, this might be the most pink thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. This is the rare occasion where I think the bright pink cookies on the package, don’t actually do the pink colour of the cookies justice. There’s nothing natural about this colour, but at least it over delivers what’s promised on the package.

After opening the bag, and just before I was about to take my first bite, a thought came through my mind. What if these cookies are called “lava” because they’re super spicy. It might just be weird enough to manufacture bright pink cookies that are really spicy. For a minute I was nervous, because if they managed the spice like they managed their pink food colouring, I was in trouble. Fortunately it wasn’t the case at all, however I was still a little confused.

The cookies have a slightly fruity, almost floral flavour to them. They were actually pretty tasty, but I’m not really sure what flavour they were supposed to be. I tried to look it up online, and most of the sites appear to be from Indonesia, and not in English. So all I can say is that Pink Lava appears to be some kind of fruity and floral treat where pink is really the important feature. Also, it’s not spicy, and I’m very happy about that.