Double Dipped Nerds "Watermelon Apple and Cherry Lemonade"


I had a completely different idea as to how these Nerds would be different than regular Nerds. My thought was that these Nerds would be coated two different colours, and as you bit or sucked through each layer a different flavour would emerge. I also thought that each layer would be a different colour, so if you sucked on them for a few seconds they would change colour. This seems like the obvious result of a Double Dipped Nerd. Unfortunately it isn't really what you get.

The cherry lemonade Nerds did taste like lemonade with a hint of cherry. There wasn't a real difference that I could detect at any point, but the entire flavour was lemony with a hint of cherry. The watermelon apple flavour on the other hand led me to believe that if you mix apple and watermelon together, you get something that tastes nothing like apple or watermelon. I was really hoping that the two flavour combinations would contrast, but also work together. Unfortunately for the most part they just kind of blended together. Think of these like a layered fancy drink that's stirred together. You don't really get to enjoy the layers individually, or even the moment when the flavours mix a bit to give you a slight whiff of the combination. With the lemonade cherry there's a hint of both flavours, but the watermelon apple just tastes like a random fruit flavour.

Colour wise these failed pretty badly. There are red Nerds and there are yellow Nerds. I tried to bite them in half, suck on them, I even crushed a few, but I still couldn't see any sign of a second colour on either Nerd variety. I should also mention that it's not easy to search for a second colour layer in a Nerd. They're kind of small, and other than sucking on a few and spitting them out, there's no easy or dignified way to search for the possible second coloured layer.

Don't get me wrong, these Nerds tasted fine. The cherry lemonade was actually pretty good, I just don't think they achieved their goal of creating something different than a regular pack of Nerds. Not that this is a bad thing, since Nerds are pretty good.