Nestlé Crunch


The Nestlé Crunch bar has been around for a very long time, and you know what, there's a reason for it. With a simple blend of chocolate and rice crisps the texture and taste of this bar is great. Most notably the balance of ingredients is pretty much spot on. You get a very even distribution of rice crisps to chocolate on each and every bite. While it might be hard to argue that this is a revolutionary idea in the candy world, it still seems to work.

My only complaint about this bar is one that I have with many chocolate bars manufactured in North America, and that's the quality of the chocolate. With only two ingredients, it’s very important that both of them are of a very high quality. The rice crisps are very good, crunchy, light, a perfect texture in a chocolate bar. The chocolate on the other hand is not that great. It’s a little bit waxy, and doesn’t really melt that well. You’ll more often find yourself biting into a Nestlé crunch, rather than letting it melt in your mouth. I think it's about time these American chocolate bar companies started using higher quality chocolate, and this bar would do very well if they did.

I do have one other complaint about this bar, and that’s the name. While you do have to bite into it to get through it, I don’t think the name “Crunch” is really correct. The sound when you bite through the rice crisps is more of a crackle, than a crunch. I know there’s already a bar called Krackle that’s pretty much another version of the Nestlé Crunch, so they can’t really call it Crackle. I just feel like there could have been a better name for this bar.