Nestlé Ball


In some parts of the world, the Kinder Egg is a beloved treat. In other parts of the world, the Kinder Egg is either a complete unknown, or known as something that is completely illegal. Some of you might be wondering what strange country would disallow Kinder Eggs, what kind of oppressive state would want to stop such joy. The answer is the United States of America, land of the free. But all is not lost, for those unfortunate souls that live in the U.S. and can't get Kinder Eggs, Nestlé has come out with an interesting substitute, the Nestlé Ball.

Unfortunately, you can’t look at this candy and not compare it to the Kinder Egg. While it certainly is different than the Kinder Egg, it’s round instead of egg shaped, and the contents in the middle are not a toy, but a bunch of candies. For those that don’t know, the candy in the middle of the Kinder Egg is why they’re banned in the USA. This Nestlé Ball consists of two treats, a chocolate ball and little hard candies. I can’t say that I’m a fan of this replacement, and it’s not just because there isn’t a toy. The quality of the chocolate ball is disappointing. On its own it’s average for American chocolate, but compared to a Kinder Egg it’s pretty bad. The candies are okay but not spectacular, they kind of look like and have the texture of Flintstones vitamins.

I understand that this was an attempt to try and jump on the Kinder Egg bandwagon in the USA. Unfortunately, I don’t think it really worked very well. The quality of the candy isn’t that great, and the lack of toy pretty much ruins the point of a Kinder Egg. I think Nestlé should invest the money they put into this treat to try and lobby the government to re-think the laws about what kind of candies can be brought into the USA. Maybe then they could buy the American licence for the Kinder Egg and make a much better treat.