Juicy Fruit


Back in the old days, I was a hug fan of Juicy Fruit gum. I used to buy it regularly and would always pretend I was in a Juicy Fruit commercial when I put the stick of gum in my mouth. It felt very satisfying to stick that long stick of gum in your mouth and have it fold on your tong. While I was a big fan of the old Juicy Fruit, my one problem used to be the lasting power, but with new improvements the lasting power is there. That would probably be the only improvement that this gum has to offer.

This new Juicy Fruit gum still keeps its classic fruit taste. I’m not really sure what fruit flavour it’s supposed to be, but it still seems very fruity. If I was to guess I would say that it’s going for some kind of fruit punch, or mixed fruit flavour, but I’m not totally sure. It’s funny how some candies can just aim for a general fruit flavour and pull it off, while other candies really have to be specific.

While this new and improved Juicy Fruit gum might seem perfect, there is one potentially big flaw. If you’re a candy purist, you might be disappointed by the new chiclet design. Gone are the days when you could fold a piece of Juicy Fruit into your mouth, now it’s small pieces with a hard candy shell. While I miss the classic design, the new design wasn’t a deal breaker.

Chew time: 20:45 to 28:56