Nips "Cookies & Creme"

Jack 'n Jill

This is the first time I've ever tasted a cookies and creme version of this kind of candy. This kind of candy I’m talking about is a candy-coated chocolate candy, much like M&Ms. I don't want to compare these to M&M's, and it's not too difficult since I've never tried a cookies and creme M&M (although with a little internet research I've learned that they have made them). Having taken my first bite of these, I’m starting to understand why Mars doesn't make cookies and creme M&Ms anymore, or at the very least why they're not as popular as some of their other flavours.

The thing about these particular Nips, is I'm not sure if the concept is bad, or if it’s just a poor execution. It's completely possible that these have failed because the folks at Jack n' Jill did not make a high-quality treat. I've tried the peanut version of Nips, and they weren't that great. It could also be that this cookies and creme format doesn't work for this kind of treat as well. It could also be that both are the case. What I'm basically saying is that these are not great.

There are several problems with these cookies and creme Nips, and these problems are totally to do with the cookies and creme filling. First of all, the flavour of the white chocolate is completely bland. The sugar coating has more flavour than the filling, and it's not a flavoured sugar coating. I would expect there to be a really creamy white chocolate and maybe a little bit of chocolate cookie flavour with each bite, instead it's just bland and sweet. The cookies are also a failure in the texture department. The fun of eating cookies is the crunch, and the only crunch in these Nips is the candy outer shell. The cookies don't seem to add anything to this treat except for a few black speckles in the chocolate.

These are not a great representation of cookies and creme, they're not even that great in general. I'll try not to let this dampen my feelings about cookies and creme candy coated chocolate, but frankly there's a lot of ground to be made up.