Now and Later "Grape"


Now and Later is one of the most painful candies I've had to endure. When first biting down into this treat, it breaks into a painful crunch, then in seconds it becomes so sticky and chewy that your teeth won't know what hit them. This is a pretty tough candy to get through, particularly for a candy that’s labeled as a taffy. I think a much better category for this candy would be to call it some kind of cement or ceramic. Sure, after you chew it, it gets soft, but that’s a lot of pain to go through.

The grape flavor is an okay but it tastes nothing like real grapes, it’s a very synthetic grape flavor. I can’t say that I mind synthetic fruit flavours, but there are certainly some that are better than others. This grape flavour isn’t really bad, but it’s also not that great, it’s very average. With the difficult texture, the fact that it doesn’t have a great flavour makes this candy a little less fun to eat.

For the most part if you do manage to find this a package of Now and Later grape candies I would avoid it, unless you enjoy the many pains your mouth may endure.