June 2023









Nutella Biscuits


This could be the most innovative cookie design I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s not often that you find a cookie that innovates in a way that actually improves the way a, or even all cookies are eaten. Aesthetics tend to be the most popular upgrade for cookies, without much thought given to function. These Nutella Biscuits have managed to solve a problem that could help cookies all over the world. The problem is icing squish, what happens when you bite a typical sandwich cookie and icing come squishing out the opposite side that you’ve just bitten into.

They manage to solve this problem by making two very different shaped cookies, the top (which is similar to most sandwich cookies) and the bottom (which in this case is shaped like a shallow bowl). This ingenious design allows the folks at Ferrero to fill up the cookie with as much Nutella as they’d like, without any spilling out when you bite into it. This is particularly important because Nutella is much runnier than most cookie icings, but I feel like this design would improve any sandwich based cookie. Best of all the makers wouldn’t have to add a bunch of filler in order to keep the icing solid.

Texture wise, the cookies also have to be somewhat well thought out. Too hard and you still might get some squish, too soft and the cookies would just break apart. The flavour of these cookies is probably the only slightly disappointing part. The filling is exactly what you’d expect, Nutella, but the cookies are a little dull and don’t really add much flavour wise. If the cookie was a little more buttery, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it a bit more.

If I could give an award for the best designed cookie of the year, these Nutella Biscuits would be in the top of the running. They looked great and held in all that soft Nutella without a single drip. I really hope that other cookie makers are looking at these and taking notes. It would be great to be able to get more softer fillings in our sandwich cookies, and this design is perfect for just that.