Oh Henry! "Level Up"


I like this bar and I don't at the same time. I have to say that objectively I like this bar. It's a nice combination of some good quality ingredients. Sure, none of the ingredients are that unique or surprising. Peanut butter, chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and even pretzels have been proven again and again to work together. The ratio of these ingredients is pretty good as well, and that's something many candy companies seem to get wrong. The thing is, I don't really feel like this candy bar is original in any way. It reminds me of a bar I had reviewed a few years back called a Max 5 (I'm not sure if they still make them or not, but here's my review). This Oh Henry bar takes classic candy ingredients and puts a bunch of them together. So objectively this bar works, and it tastes fine with a great deal of credit going to the people who mixed the ingredients and found a pretty good ratio to balance out all the flavours.

The part I really don't like about this bar is the name. More to the point, the expectation I got when I first bit into this bar. It's called “Oh Henry “Level Up””. The implication I get from this name is that it's an Oh Henry bar with a bit more, to the next level. I thought that maybe they took the classic ingredients of an Oh Henry and added some pretzels and peanut butter. The thing is, other than that fact that this bar contains chocolate, caramel and peanuts, this is not an Oh Henry bar at all. It doesn't taste like an Oh Henry bar, it doesn't look like and Oh Henry bar, it's not an Oh Henry bar. For some reason Hershey's decided that they needed to slap the Oh Henry logo on a new bar and sell it as a variant.

I know that variants are all the rage right now, but I'm finding a trend where the variants change the recipe so much that they no longer can be called a variant, and are a new bar on their own. It's fine to make a new bar, in fact I love the idea of candy companies expanding their brands, but I hate being lied to. I feel like Hershey's has lied to me a little with this bar. I was expecting something similar to Oh Henry, and while I got an okay bar, the fact that there's some deception in the marketing leaves a sour taste in my mouth.