Oozing Skulls

Marks & Spencer

If it wasn't for the name of this candy, I would call it a complete success. As far as being a basic gummy candy, these Oozing Skulls are great. The texture is really unique, they're so much softer than any gummy I've tasted before. They feel almost like a jelly, but just a little bit firmer. It was a delight to bite into each one of these skulls. Flavour wise they were also fantastic. They are most certainly strawberry flavoured, with just a hint of tartness. You really couldn't call them sour, but there's something that just gives your mouth a slight tart shock that I enjoyed.

As a gummy these are great, and I'd highly recommend anybody try them, there is however one fatal flaw. These are supposed to be “oozing” skulls, but there is nothing in these skulls that oozes. There is a layer of red goo in these gummies that is a little bit softer than the other parts of the gummy, but it does not ooze. Even if you squish these gummies between your fingers after taking a bite, not a drip of red goo will fall.

If these were called bloody skulls, I would not have thought they were a failure. The problem is that these are called “Oozing Skulls”, but they do not ooze one bit, even if you try and force them to ooze. Everything else about these gummies is great, all the way down to the short description on the bag that says "Heads from assorted bodies". I really loved eating these, but I just can't get over the fact that the one thing promised in the name just never happened.