June 2023

Bio "Apple, Melon, Peach"


That’s surprising, they’re taffy. Based on the package and the fact that I got them at a hotel receptions candy bowl, I was really expecting boring hard candies. Actually the flavours of these hard candies intrigued me enough to take them home, photograph them, and write this review. When Apple is your most mundane flavour it’s worth trying these out. Add to that the fact that they’re taffy and not a boring hard candy is an extra bonus. Also a bonus is that the taffy texture was pretty solid.

Flavour wise is where these faulted a bit. The peach flavour was the one I was least afraid of, but it really failed. It was a very synthetic peach flavour and it lacked any richness that a real peach would give you. The apple was also very fake, and fake apple is one of my least favourite candy flavours. The melon flavour was surprising, but maybe not a great surprise. It tasted the most like the real fruit, but the surprise was that it tasted like a honeydew melon, and not a watermelon. I’m not a huge fan of honeydew melon, I find its only redeeming value of a honeydew is the fact that it hydrates, so I wasn’t a big fan of this taffy. The flavour of the honeydew was also really powerful at first, so that could be a good or bad thing depending on how you feel about honeydew melons.

I enjoyed the idea of these candies. I liked the odd flavour choices, but I really didn’t like the flavours. If you like fake Apple, peach, and real honeydew flavoured treats you might want to try these, if not, you might want to pass up this hotel lobby candy bowl.