Christmas Chocolates


Never have I tasted a nice little chocolate with such a huge flaw in marketing. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the marketing department at Oscar, the company that makes these, has lied to me. On the bag that these chocolates come in, it says "milk and bitter chocolates". One would most likely assume that the red packaged chocolates might contain the dark and the gold packages might contain the milk chocolate, or you could switch that around if you’d like. You would assume that the package indicates the difference between the milk and dark chocolate. Then after eating a few of these you would realize that both the gold and the red package contain milk chocolates. So maybe it's a random thing, and that could be fun too. But after eating the whole bag you learn that there are no dark chocolates at all, and that means the folks at Oscar have lied to me.

Now there is a difference between the gold and red packaged chocolates. The gold packages contain about two thirds cream in the centre, with a few rice crisps on the bottom, and a little mound of chocolate on the bottom. The red packages are half filled with the same cream and have a much thicker bottom to them. Both treat’s chocolates are identical, as is the cream, and both have a few rice crisps on the bottom (in some cases very few). So, although these are both different chocolates, they're both so similar that it really doesn’t make that big a difference at all. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd have to say that the red, the one with more chocolate is my favorite.

So, after two paragraphs of the bad, here's the good, the chocolate and the cream are really nice. The chocolate melts in your mouth just right, and the cream is smooth. As I mentioned above, I think the gold packaged treats have a little too much cream in them, so I'd go for just a red one if you're planning on sampling one.

These chocolates are far from being the worst chocolates I've ever eaten. The problem is there just seems to be a complete lack of looking at the details, and without it the candy experience is ruined.