This has to be the friendliest chocolate bar ever. Although, maybe it's just setting me up; claiming to be my friend. Then, when my guard is down, it'll stab me in the back and steal my GI Joe figures.... Hmmm... maybe it's just my own paranoia. Well, let's just see if this bar is any pal of mine.

First off, I have to say that I feel like I'm being deceived. The wrapper says that it has peanuts and fudge, although it does use the letter "n" instead of "and" on the package, so maybe it's a legal thing. The reason I bring this up is that I can taste no peanuts in this bar. There does however, appear to be a somewhat or so-called, fudge centre. It might taste a little peanut like, and maybe that’s their excuse. I guess when I bit into it I was expecting fudge (maybe a chocolate fudge) and chunks of peanuts either on top of the fudge or mixed in. To my surprise, and I'll have to take another bite to be sure, it seems to have a real fudge consistency to the fudge. Many chocolate bars claim to have fudge, but it’s really a chewy type of candy, instead of a soft fudge. While the texture is please, the question is the taste. Another bite is in order.

The flavour of this Pal-O-Mine is not that great. If they’re going for peanut flavour fudge, they really missed the boat. I'm not really sure what flavour the fudge is at all. The only thing I can say is I'm not really a big fan. I also taste (and feel) what could be coconut in this bar. I don't like it when coconut is hidden in bars. I find it to be a flavour that I can normally do without, and this bar could do without it as well.

This bar is really missing peanuts, and could do with a lot less coconut. I’m happy with the texture of the fudge, but the flavour is just really wrong.