Black Koala's March "Cocoa Vanilla"


This is not the first Koala cookie treat from Lotte that I’ve ever eaten, and it might not be the last either. I only say “might” because while there are many different varieties of this treat, I think I’ve tried most of them. The other thing about these Koala cookies is that the difference between the different varieties is pretty slim. In each case you get a cookie shaped like a strange blob with a picture of a koala printed on it. In most cases the filling is where the difference comes in, it could be filled with a red bean, chocolate or any other flavour of cream filling. In this case, they take a vanilla cream and surround it with a chocolate cookie. On paper this seems like a great and unique variation, but unfortunately, they don’t really pull it off.

The problem with these Koala “Black Cocoa Vanilla” is that the chocolate cookie coating doesn’t actually taste like chocolate at all. The cream filling has a fairly decent vanilla flavour, although it is fairly mild. The chocolate cookie on the other hand has no real chocolate flavour at all. The vanilla could be a little stronger, but the chocolate needs to be %100 stronger. I feel like they went more for the aesthetic dark look of these cookies over the chocolate flavour.

While the cocoa flavour was nonexistent and the vanilla flavour could be stronger, I still enjoyed eating these well enough. The cookie texture was really nice, and the fact that each cookie had a unique image of a koala on it was really fun. I could have used a little more cream in each Koala, but it wasn’t too bad. The texture balance still worked really well, and these were really fun to eat. I’m glad Lotte is trying out new ideas with these cookies, and with a few tweaks and a few more creative ideas, I think these cookies could turn into a global sensation.