Papa Bear Gummies "Red"


At between two and three inches long, I think this is the largest gummy bear you could buy in bulk format. I know that they sell giant five-pound gummy bears individually on the internet, but you'd never see those in bulk bins at your local bulk food store (although I’d really like to one day). These, while being large, can still reasonably be sold in bulk bins without it seeming ridiculous. Having said that, I chose to just buy one, because I have lots of candy to review this week, and I didn't want to eat that much gummy candy in one sitting.

This bear took me five bites to get through the whole thing. I take big bites, so I could see it taking other people up to eight bites. If you want to work at something for a little while, and you like gummies, this might be the perfect treat for you. If you're really ambitious, you might even be able to get through a few of these in one siting.

The good thing about these gummies is that they're very soft. A tougher gummy might be a little hard on the teeth and jaw. This pretty much melted in my mouth the instant you bit into it. The flavour was a fine cherry gummy flavour, nothing new or overly impressive, but I wasn't expecting it to be either. If you like most red candies, you'll like these too. I think rather than get overly creative with the texture and flavour, these guys just went for size instead, and that's OK.

These won't be a gummy that I crave in the future, but it's a fun little gimmick that made me smile.