Passion Flakie "Apple-Raspberry"


When I was a kid, the Passion Flakie was my favourite cake treat. I always thought that it was a girl’s treat because of the word “Passion” in the name as well as the pink and red packaging, but I didn't care. When I was with my friends I would often go for a chocolate cupcake, but alone, on walks home from school, this was what I wanted. Today I realize that it's stupid to associate gender with a cake treat, but I still haven't had one of these in a while.

The Passion Flakie is deceptively thin. While it looks about as thick as the average cake treat, most of its size is air. The Flakie is also a little less sweet than most cake treats... Sort of. While the cream, fruit filling, and the sugar topping are sweet, the pastry is fairly savoury. Don't get me wrong, this is a sweet cake, however you sometimes get a bit of a savoury flavour with each bite.

The Passion Flakie holds up to my childhood memories. Some might complain that there's way too much air in it, but if you're OK with a light snack, it's pretty tasty. The fruit flavour is perfect with the cream and pastry; however, I'm having a hard time tasting any apple (as it says on the package). You pretty much get a sweet creamy raspberry flavour, without any trace of apple at all.