Iso Stor Patkis


I was not expecting mint. One of the joys of eating a candy bar that has no English written anywhere on it is that if English is the only language you can read, you're going to be surprised by what you get. This package increases this joy/surprise by the fact that the package doesn't even have any graphics on it that might indicate what should be in store. I'm sure that Finnish people know exactly what the deal is since they’re either familiar with this bar, or they can ready the ingredients, but I did not. When I don't have any idea what I'm about to bite into, my first instinct is to assume some stereotypes about the country where it comes from. So, when I got this bar, I assumed it would either be just chocolate, or licorice. This is what I assume most Finnish candy to be. Fortunately, I was wrong.

This is in fact a mint chocolate bar. The mint isn't overpowering, it just accents the chocolate. There's nothing in the way that the bar looks like to indicate mint either. It's just a stick of brown chocolate. You are given a clue the minute you open the package as the slight smell of mint wafts into your nose. As you're eating it the mint becomes more apparent after each bite, but it never takes over the chocolate flavour. It's one of the best balances between mint and chocolate that I've ever tasted.

There are people in the world that don't like mint (or at the very least mint chocolate), and that would make this bar a horrible surprise. However, I'm very pro mint and chocolate together. I'm not sure why it works, but I've never really had a mint chocolate bar that I've hated. This bar is nothing revolutionary, but it's a good example of how this flavour combination should work.