Peanut Bar


Planters did just what they should, the focus of their bar is the peanut. There are many times that snack and candy companies decide to expand their brand. With many snack food companies, the bar is often chosen as a new way to show off their snacks. There are many choices when it comes to turning a snack into a bar. Do you want to add chocolate, or fudge? If your snack is salty, do you want the bar to be sweet, if so, how sweet? How do you want to show off the snack within the bar? There really is a lot of thought that has to go into making a snack food into a candy bar, and Planters has done it right.

The key to this bar working so well, and the peanuts being the star of the show is in its simple design. The Peanut Bar is similar to peanut brittle but not too sweet. This works well at keeping the bar together, without losing the wonderful savory flavour of the peanuts. If you’re not into the sweetest of flavors, this is the snack for you. This bar allows you to enjoy Planters peanuts in a different way, and that’s the perfect way to present an already popular snack food into a candy bar form.

I highly recommend this treat to anybody, particularly if you’re a peanut fan. I really did enjoy eating this bar, even though the novelty score is a little low.