Peas and Carrots


It’s always difficult to review candies that come as a group. I’m never sure exactly how I’m supposed to eat these, and that kind of stresses me out when I’m writing a review. I think the best way to review these peas and carrots would be taste them separately and together. This will ensure that I’m not doing it wrong, and it will keep the internet off my back.

Peas – I’d like to first of all thank the manufacturer of this treat for not making them pea flavoured, or pee flavoured for that matter. Each one of these candy peas actually have a nice little minty flavour, not bad at all. They taste a little like breath mints, which makes me wonder who could eat a whole bag of these. These little green peas are not bad, but only in small quantities.

Carrots – Unlike the peas, these are chewy (I know I didn’t mention that the peas are like hard candies). They taste like… well I’m not really sure what they taste like. Maybe they’re a little fruity, maybe even orange. I don’t think I like them, as much as the peas, and to be honest I’m a little freaked out about the next stage of this review because of this strange fruit flavour.

Together - My fears of mixing these two treats has not only come true, but also left a really nasty taste in my mouth. Minty oranges are not really my idea of a good time and that’s exactly what these taste like when eaten together. Candy that taste like real peas and carrots would be a lot worse, but this is only a little better. I think I might have to suck on a couple of peas on their own, just to get this not so good taste out of my mouth.