Love is in the air during the Valentine’s Day season, and what better way to say “I love you” than a pure candy heart. Look at it, it’s got all kinds of pink frills on it. There appears to be two heart shaped creatures inside that are obviously in love. The candy itself is in the shape of a giant heart. This treat could not possible be any more Valentine’s Day themed, and I therefore assume that it couldn’t be more loving either.

So, when it comes to the look of this Peek-a-Boo heart thing it is really cute. Although in my house, looking cute on Valentine’s Day isn’t enough, in fact it’s probably secondary. That where the big problem is for this treat, the flavour. The big problem with the flavour is the fact that it has none at all. I checked the package and they don't even add any flavour to this treat at all. All this Peek-a-Boo heart has in its ingredient list is sugar and starch. That's right, nothing else. You could break this thing apart and sweeten your coffee.

To make this treat work, we need something, anything to flavour it, to add a zip, my teeth they hurt so much from all this pure sugar. If you want to send a loved one a sugar rush with a huge dentist bill, this is your treat. If you want to make them happy, why not go for a box of chocolates instead.